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Actionable Insights From North America’s Greatest Basins

Super Basins 2021 is an online experience that will focus on North America’s most productive energy basins. Decision makers and global experts will study geoscience architecture, explore the technology, and anticipate future opportunities. Super Basins 2021 presenters and participants will address ‘what makes each Super Basin special and unique?’, ‘what critical geoscience elements contribute to success?’, ‘what analogs apply to each basin, and how can other global Super Basins benefit from this success?’, ‘anticipation of major plays with remaining potential—conventional, unconventional, and field growth.’, ‘game-changing innovations like the adoption of horizontal drilling, hydraulic stimulation, completion and drilling techniques, and seismic imaging needed to unlock future growth potential.’, ‘how "above ground" issues like politics, access, mineral ownership, and geography can influence Super Basins attaining full resource potential and how changes can create opportunities’, ‘will the basin or its technology be a regional or global disrupter?’ This year’s online event is organized by AAPG Past President's: Mike Party, Charles Sternbach, Steve Sonnenberg; current AAPG President Rick Fritz, and Bob Fryklund.

Super Basins Save the Date - 25-26 January 2021
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