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The Basin(s) of the Future

Super Basins continue to thrive, and as we learn more about them, we discover how valuable they are to help drive the future of exploration and development. As a result, the AAPG is continuing its initiative to showcase some of the world's super basins with the fourth Global Super Basins Leadership Conference. Once again, you will learn about the thought processes that helped lead to these basins' resurgence. On 25–26 January 2021, the AAPG Super Basins Conference 2021 will feature an all virtual two-day program of experts and commercial masters on North American onshore and offshore Super Basins. These basins include the Permian, Mid Continent, Gulf Coast- onshore and offshore, Appalachians, Rocky Mountains, Canada, and others. The geology, exploration, and development of these basins provide some great analogs that can re-think other global basins' potential.

These Super Basins represent a fertile crescent of technology and know-how. New plays, both conventional and unconventional, have led to a rejuvenation of many basins long thought done. Revitalizing these petroleum basins focuses on the geologic thinking that unlocked their new potential and the technology and innovation. Key methodologies were horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, high-grading sweet spots, and the proper well spacing needed to maximize hydrocarbons' economic recovery. But for others, it was simply questioning old paradigms and ingrained concepts. Expert speakers from the basins and conference participants will share geologic, technical, and business best practices and look at lessons from these basins, challenges overcome, and possible futures. This program will be valuable to operators in the featured basins and global explorers looking for actionable insights from North American analogs.

The 2021 conference organizers include several AAPG past presidents, industry experts, and AAPG's current president and VP Sections. In addition to the Super Basin program conferences, AAPG will feature Super Basin special issues in the AAPG Bulletin, the first planned for December 2020, with other special issues currently in preparation.