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Actionable Intelligence to Profit from the World’s Most Lucrative Basins

Whether you are an energy executive, investor, geoscientist, or consultant, AAPG’s Global Super Basins Leadership Conference will give you the information you need to be successful in the world’s most significant basins. The event will feature regional experts who will share their unique first-hand knowledge of each of the globe’s super basins.

Mix with the Experts: Super Basins is a great place to meet and mix with the presenters and attendees who know the globe’s great basins the best. Numerous meals and mixers are provided to ensure you have the one-on-one time you need to ask your questions, develop new relationships, and discuss new opportunities.

Big Thinking and Big Data

  • Use Big Data to identify the acreage that is cost effective and high producing with today’s technology.

Technologies and Techniques

  • Learn about the technologies and techniques that will maximize output from every well.

Reinvent How You Think About Basins

  • Practice 3-D thinking to envision source rocks, traps, and stacks…not just planes.

Join the Community

  • Join your super basin community and pool basin specific knowledge to make everyone more profitable.

Find Solutions in Existing Science

  • Discover global analogues from the world’s most petroliferous basins.

So what are super basins? Super basins are the world’s most richly endowed petroleum basins each with at least 5 BBOE produced and more than 5 BBOE left to produce. With multiple source rocks, multiple plays, and well-established infrastructure, the top 25 global basins hold potential for 100s of BBOE future resources thanks to ongoing technological innovations.