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27-29 March 2018
Hilton Americas Hotel
Houston, Texas

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AAPG Super Basins


Actionable Intelligence to Profit from the World’s Most Lucrative Basins.

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  • What makes each super basin unique and what can we learn from it?
  • What is the exploration/ production history and what are the major plays with remaining potential, including conventional, unconventional, and field growth?
  • What are key innovations in each super basin: adoption of horizontal drilling, hydraulic stimulation, completing and drilling techniques, and seismic imaging that helped unlock the potential and what is needed for further growth?
  • How do “above ground” issues like politics, access, mineral ownership, and geography influence realizing the full resource potential of each super basin?
  • Will a basin be a regional or global disrupter?
  • What are the critical geoscience elements that contribute to success?

Speakers – With more to come!

  • Americas Unconventional Energy Opportunity – An Update, David Gee, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Super Basin Concept Overview and Evolution, Scott Tinker, Tinker Energy Associates, LLC
  • Gulf of Mexico, Cindy Yeilding, BP America
  • COP Operator Stimulated Rock Volume, Greg Leveille, ConocoPhillips
  • Venture Capital Leading Edge Technology, Trond Unneland, Chevron
  • Super Basins, Bob Fryklund, Pete Stark, IHS Markit
  • Permian Basin, Scott Sheffield, Pioneer
  • Anadarko Basin, Rick Fritz, Council Oak
  • Going Beyond the North American Mudrock Super Basin Plays: The Unconventional Development of Conventional Reservoirs, Richard K. Stoneburner, Pine Brook Partners
  • Williston Basin, Mark Williams, Whiting Petroleum Corporation
  • The Western Canadain Super Basin, a Confluence of Science, Technology, and Ideas , Paul MacKay, Shale Petroleum Ltd.
  • California, San Joaquin, Kurt Neher, Berry Petroleum Company, LLC
  • Mexico, Tampico Mizantla Basin and Sur Este Basin, Ivan Sandrea, Sierra Oil and Gas
  • Appalachian Basin, William A. Zagorski, Range Resources
  • Global Overview, Robert Ryan, Chevron
  • Alaska- North Slope, David Houseknecht, USGS
  • Neuquén Basin, Carlos Macellari, Tecpetrol
  • North Sea, John Underhill, Heriot-Watt University
  • The Arabian Basins, Ibraheem Assa’ adan, Saudi Aramco
  • North Africa, Jonathan Craig and Andrea Cozzi, ENI
  • Brazil Pre Salt, Santos Basin, Mario Carminatti, Petrobras
  • Western Siberia Super Basin, Alexei V. Milkov, Colorado School of Mines, Vladimir Vyssotsky, BP Russia, and Andrei S. Bochkov, GazpromNeft
  • Big Picture Geophysics and Reservoir Packages, Brian Horn, ION
  • TBA, Dick Leonard, Core Lab

General Chair:

Charles Sternbach, President, AAPG